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Challenge: Tell someone “I love you” without using “I love you.”

All these past years, I have never allowed myself to feel hope at all; but with you, and only with you, I finally feel strong enough to embrace hope.

Your presence gives me the courage and strength to believe that maybe, everything will work out and that there is a future worth fighting for. No longer do I wake every day looking forward to its end, but instead to your touch, your smile and your voice.

The very thought of being able to spend another moment by your side pushes me forward, towards the horizon where you light up my sky like the rising sun. You make me feel as light as a feather, amidst a thousand soothing breezes.

Now I can finally see my future, and I would only want it to be you; to spend by your side or with no one else.

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In 2010, all I wanted was to be a part of TGWTG. I remember seeing if I could be an article writer or something small to get my foot in the door with the site. I just remember it meaning so much to me, if I could just be a part of this group of producers who seemed to love each other and have fun…

Post about a great person who sadly ended his life due to depression and suicide. It’s a terrible tragedy.

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How to Download Videos from Tumblr! :)

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"Before us lies eternity; our souls
Are love, and a continual farewell."

William Butler Yeats

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